What Should You Be Asking Before Signing Your Parent Up For An Adult Day Care Program?

As someone who is taking care of their elderly parent, you may want them to get out of the house every now and then. A good adult day care program can provide good quality time with others their age, but in order to feel comfortable about having them at adult day care, make sure that you ask every program you're thinking about the following questions.

What Is Staffing Like?

Another question to ask a center is how many people will be on site and interacting with all of the adults in the program. It can be tricky to keep a number of people on task; it can be even more of a challenge when the people involved have different ability levels. To ensure your parent gets the appropriate amount of attention and care, find out how many professionals will be there throughout the day.

Is There a Nurse Available?

Senior citizens can sometimes fall or have other medical issues that need attention. Your parent might be one of those who finds themselves needing help during their time in their day care program. While a doctor might not be at the center every day, many centers have nurses that remain at the center at all hours so that if there is an emergency they can be of assistance.

Can Attendance Be Flexible?

You might discover that your parent changes their mind from day to day about whether they want to attend a day care program. Some days they may just not feel like leaving the house, while they may be enthusiastic about activities other days. It's a good idea to ask whether this kind of spotty attendance is accepted by the program and whether that will affect how much you pay to have your parent attend.

What Kind of Activities Take Place Offsite?

It can be fun for your elderly parent to have the option of heading out to the movies, stores and other offsite activities, and some day care programs include these regularly. Inquire about a typical outing schedule so you have an idea of what your parent might be able to expect as part of the program.

If your parent is not interested in any trips, it's also important to know what the offsite activities are so you know whether to make alternative arrangements or keep your parent home that day.

Setting up your elderly parent in an adult day care program like Chapin Home For The Aging can be more easily done when you're able to ask about the issues above. Check with other family members and visit a few centers so that you're sure to find the most appropriate place for your parent.

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As someone who is taking care of their elderly parent, you may want them to get out of the house every now and then. A good adult day care program can