A Few Easy Ways To Make Your Home Easier For Your Elderly Parents To Navigate

If one or more of your parents is moving into your home, make sure you take some time before they move in to ensure that your home is easy for them to navigate. Here are a few ways that you can make your home easier for them to get around in.

Add More Lights

Your parents are going to need some time to get used to your home when they move in. An easy way to help your parents navigate your home more easily is by adding extra lights that have easy on-off switches for your parents to use. Lights with small or complex switches can be difficult for elderly individuals who have arthritis in their hands or are not very strong. If you don't have very many lights attached to on-off switches, you may want to have an electrician come out and install on-off switches attached to your lights.

Think about how the lights will work in the evening for your parents as well. Since your home is a new environment for your parents, they may have a hard time navigating it when it is dark. You can combat that by installing LED nightlights around your home to ensure that every room in your home is always lit up to some degree for your parents.

Add A House Phone

Many elderly adults have not joined the cell phone revolution. If your parents are not comfortable using cell phones, you may want to invest in a landline and make sure that there is a hook-up in their room. Home phones are easier to charge and keep track of, and since they are larger, they can be easier for your elderly parents to use. Cell phones can be difficult for the visually impaired and those with arthritis to use.

This will allow your parents to stay in touch with their other family and friends in a way that they are familiar with. Additionally, if an emergency ever occurs and your parents need to call for assistance, it will be easy for the emergency response team to figure out your parents' address and get help them in time.

Add A New Remote

You may also want to consider changing your remote for your parents, especially if they have issues with their hands or their eyesight. See if you can purchase a large remote control for your television that has big buttons that will be easier for parents to use. If you have a different cable system than your parents had, you may want to create them a visual guide that will help them navigate the television set on their own.

These are just three simple ways you can make your home more comfortable for your elderly parents when they move in with you. Think carefully about your elderly parents and their unique needs, and make the appropriate adjustments to your home before they move in. You might also want to consider hiring an in-home nursing service to care for your parents to lessen the load on you.

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