Six Gifts To Bring Someone In A Nursing Home

If you are going to visit someone in the nursing home, skip the flowers, potted plants, and candy. Instead, give them a gift that won't potentially activate a roommate's allergies, require special care, or go against their dietary restrictions. Take one of the following gift ideas for something that they will enjoy, use, and appreciate:

1. Digital picture frames. Residents of a nursing home often have limited shelf space for photos and trinkets, so upload a digital photo frame with some favorite family pictures. These can sit in a small space yet provide an endless array of photos for the recipient to admire and enjoy.

2. Wireless headphones or earbuds. If your gift recipient shares a space with others, it might be difficult for them to enjoy their own music or television without interference or interruption. Give them a pair of wireless headphones or earbuds so they can crank up the sound without bothering a soul.

3. A pair of cozy slippers. Who doesn't love a great pair of soft slippers? Just make sure you get the size right and opt for styles that offer a rubber or non-slip sole.

4. New puzzles and games. If your loved one enjoys puzzles or games, give them a couple to share with friends and roommates. This might foster socialization with other residents, which is always a good thing.

5. Personalized throws or quilts. Another great gift is a lap-throw or small blanket for using outside, napping, orsnuggling up to read. Have one personalized with the recipient's name, initials, or a motif to distinguish it from others and give the gift a personal touch.

6. Audio books or e-readers. If your recipient likes to read, consider giving them an audio book to listen to on their laptop or boom-box. There are endless titles available widely, and if the listener has an mP3 player, you can even download titles for them. Another great gift is an e-reader, preloaded with a few magazines or books; the screen often helps those with vision impairments and makes reading a bit easier on the eyes.

Fresh flowers are fine, but not always permitted in communal living situations like nursing homes. Don't risk aggravating a roommate who is sensitive to smells or allergic to flowers and instead consider bringing one of these six suggestions. These gifts are easy to find, affordable, and will let the recipient know that you were thinking of them. 

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