Have A Loved One With Dementia? Two Reasons Why You Should Obtain Respite Care

Caring for a loved one who has dementia is often a full-time job.  You may be their main source of support, meaning that you must constantly watch over them and care for their physical needs.  Over time this could begin to take its toll on you, perhaps making you feel tired and beginning to experience depression.  That's why it's so important for you to get respite care.  With respite care, a medical professional comes into your home and cares for the individual who is dealing with dementia.  Learning more about the benefits of respite care can help you see why it's vital for you to obtain it as soon as possible.

Respite Care Relieves Guilt For Both Parties

One of the main reasons why you should obtain respite care is because it can help relieve guilt for both you and the loved one who is suffering with dementia.  Although you may not know it, there may be hidden feelings of guilt for both of you that aren't being addressed.

Your loved one may be experiencing guilt because they could possibly feel like a burden.  They may understand how much of your own time you're sacrificing to care for them, and this could send pangs of guilt through them.

The guilt on your own part could be because you feel a bit of resentment toward your ailing loved one.  You want to care for them, but also feel like your own life is being neglected.

When you have respite care, you'll be able to have some time away from your caregiving duties.  Your loved one won't feel like such a burden, and you'll be able to tend to your own responsibilities.

Respite Care Gives You Time To Socialize

It's very easy for isolation to occur when you're a caregiver.  You may have had to cast aside many of your friends and social activities because you don't want to leave your loved one alone for a minute.

Respite care can help you reverse this trend.  There will be a dedicated professional who can care for your loved one for a stated time each day or week.  This frees you up to reconnect with friends so you can return to your family member refreshed and energized.

Getting respite care could prove to be a very wise decision.  Don't delay; contact a local respite care facility right away so you can obtain this valuable service.

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