Positive Aspects Of Assisted Living Facilities You Need To Tell Your Elderly Loved One

One of the most challenging and heartbreaking discussions you may ever have with your aging parents or elderly grandparents is one about leaving their home and moving into an assisted living facility. For many older folks, their home has been a part of their lives for many years and it filled with memories that have helped to sustain their outlook on life. The discussion you have with your elderly loved ones needs to focus on the positive aspects of assisted living facilities. Check out these benefits of some assisted living facilities your older loved one may find appealing.

Your Loved One Can Still Enjoy Overnight Guests

If your loved one has been used to grandchildren spending the night with him or her, it could be the reason that person does not want to leave home. However, many assisted living facilities do allow their residents to have overnight guests. Learn more about the facility you are considering. If that one doesn't allow residents to have overnight, it would be a good idea to locate one that does.  If your elderly loved knows their grandchildren or children can stay on a weekend night, it may make the decision to make the transition a lot easier on him or her.

Elderly Folks With Pets

Many older people have a small dog or cat that means a great deal to them. After all, if he or she spent their entire lives taking care of kids and a spouse, it would be comforting to still have something to care for. Your elderly love may not want to leave home because he or she is afraid of losing a beloved pet. However, many assisted living facilities do allow their residents to keep a small pet. Telling your loved one that his or her pet can move to the facility can be a great motivation for moving.

For Elderly Folks That Use Snuff Or Smoke Pipes

Many older people use snuff or smoke a pipe. If you have tried discussing with your loved one about moving to an assisted living facility and he or she uses tobacco, it could the reason that person is adamant about not moving. If that person thinks tobacco use is prohibited, he or she will more than likely want to stay home. Some facilities do allow their residents to us tobacco products in their apartments. Find out if the facility you are considering allows the use of tobacco so it will be easier to sway your loved to make the transition.

When you stop to consider the reasons your parent or grandparent does not want to move to an assisted living facility (like Grace Assisted Living), you may find it easier to understand why that person wants to remain at home.

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